Fulvio Di Rosa: Borgo di Vagli from Mercatale road
Fulvio Di Rosa: Borgo di Vagli under the snow
Fulvio Di Rosa: Inside Casa Fonte delle Foglie
Fulvio Di Rosa: Inside Podere Panico
Fulvio Di Rosa: In the garden of Borgo di Sogna
Fulvio Di Rosa: Podere San Gerolamo

The history of Fulvio Di Rosa, architect, designer, developer and great enthusiast of Contemporary Music and Art, began more than 45 years ago in Rio de Janeiro. As a young graduate from Turin Polytechnic, he was appointed by the commissioning party - FATA European Group - as the engineer in charge of liaising with the renowned Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, to carry out the project of the group’s new head office...
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